Saturday, December 14, 2013

What A Very Difficult Week But A Very Happy Month


After a quick trip to NYC, we come back to South Florida to hear the news of Nelson Mandela's passing.
We knew this was coming as word spread when he took ill some months ago, but still I find myself in shock and disbelief that it's happened.
I met with Mr. Mandela back in 2005, on a philanthropic trip to NYC.  We had tea and discussed his Children's Fund and even joked about our favorite BBC show "Keeping up Appearances" (very cool to have that in common).
You can check out his Children's Fund at:
A great man is gone, but he lives on thru a legacy and memories of a fun sense of humor.
On another note, it's refreshing what can result from a location.  Such creative juices flow at the ocean.  For all kinds of artwork and music.  Open your ears and you can almost hear the waves touch the shore.


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