Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Annual Philanthropic Trip

With school out it's time for our annual philanthropic trip.  This year we head back to Idaho and deliver a custom made falconry hood from the UK to the World Center For Birds of Prey.
tiroler goldschmied diamond falcon hood 3

And made one more contribution to a scholarship organization.
Then off to a friend's ranch in Hailey, Idaho.
Pure heaven....
Only 1 week, then back home due to I was very fatigued and feeling ill.
Time for a visit to the Dr.'s and rest.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

HPV and Cancer

Michael Douglas discussed his battle with throat cancer in an interview with The Guardian newspaper, in which doctors raised the point that some throat cancers can be caused by a sexually transmitted virus, HPV, related to cervical cancer.
But Douglas' spokesperson has rebutted the newspaper's headline saying that oral sex caused his cancer. The spokesperson said that the article simply included discussion of oral sex as a suspected cause of certain oral cancers.
USA TODAY asked cancer experts to explain HPV's role in oral cancer and other diseases.
Yes, HPV causes lot's of different cancer's.  People have to be honest about their HPV, unlike my ex husband.  I should have questioned that "mole" he said he had since he was a child.