Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ciao! Ciao!

It's that time,  three weeks before school starts for my little man.  So we are off to Sorrento, Italy.  We have a place there and try to go several times a year.  And I really think it's time.
We finished school shopping, and are craving some family time and it's too hot at the lake in Texas.
Some good practice with the language, and fantastic food, with family.
Some serious Daddy time...

The pool.  I will be here with the IPad researching new recipes to try.

Olive grove

Love my olives and the olive oil that they make from it.  (I can't even to pretend to know how, we just send them off and they press them)

My favorite Limoncello store

So until September.....
I may not blog because I get lost in a special world there.
So be nice to each other.

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