Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Waiting for Karma?

As Deepak Chopra writes:  "A very simple way to interpret karma is that it is conditioned response, the past influencing the circumstances of the present as well as our tendencies to act in conditioned patterns of behavior. We become bundles of conditioned reflexes constantly triggered by people and circumstances into predicted outcomes. Hence karma is considered to be a prison, a bondage. The goal of the spiritual journey is to escape the prison of karma and bring about the true response of our soul which is creativity. The more creative and unpredictable our response to the world, the more we are aligned with the creator of the universe. That’s why the freedom that arises from transcending karma is referred to as liberation or moksha. In knowing our true essence beyond time, space, and causality, we become free of the wheel of samsara."

You could say that karma plays like a computer game that continues to direct, limit, and reinforce our choices based on our past decisions. Time plays out like a wheel, going around and around, repeating the same patterns again and again.

Well, it's hard to wait for karma when you keep dealing with the health issues caused by another person.  
I look at this man and he is successful in business and is happily married with children.  When we were together he was struggling to find out his dharma (lifework), and had many demons to heal with mentally.  Now he is a very vocal Christian, and church goer.

From pictures it seems like the perfect family.  He seems untouched by what has gone on and currently going on.  
A dear friend decided to contact him during my last round of treatment and there was no response.  So she did contact his current wife.  She was kind, but seemed to buy his version of events.  Did not comment on the letter of blackmail he sent to my family members.  
My friend was wondering what his reaction would be to my medical condition.  That was her first intention.  After no response, she told a cautionary tale to the current wife about the cancer and blackmail letter.  
No response after that.

Very hard to wait for Karma while trying to battle cancer.

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  1. Karma many times, occurs in future lives. You may not have the luxury of seeing it yourself. Just know it's there following him.