Thursday, July 12, 2012

Where To Begin?

After that day, your life is never the same. "That day" is the day the doctor tells you, "You have cancer." Every one of us knows someone who's had to face that news. It's scary, it's sad. But it's still life, and it's a life worth living.

I now face my third battle with cancer, treatment starting in 40 days.  The bad news is I'm tired of this fight.  Knowing what effort I have to put into it, and the brave face I must again put on.  The good news is I know what I'm in for, no surprises.

A little background is most likely needed.

In my former marriage, my husband had HPV.  At the time he swore he did not know about it, and claimed his "mole" had been there since he could remember.  Well, after discovering a small, itchy spot on myself, which brought me to the doctor.  The doctor removed what he saw and said it was HPV and my husband must have contracted it.  Sure enough he had his "mole" tested and removed and it was HPV.

Contracting HPV was the source of my cancer.  

After this chapter, I had trouble trusting him and had witnessed another disturbing event that was part of a plan to trap me.  I won't go into graphic details, but it was another STD and insisting to be intimate during an "outbreak".

At that point I needed out.  I looked for every reason not to be home while I gathered my life together and hunted for an apartment.  I was planning my escape you could say.

He became verbally abusive over time and very manipulative.  I was not blinded as before and could see the reason for saying anything he did.  (it's funny how you don't see these things before!)  I did some house sitting and got away from it all staying at a girl friends house.

He confronted me and claimed that I was having an affair, said he could prove it.  (the only affair I was having was with my dream to escape)  He got violent and pushed me around, so I agreed with him that I was having an affair.  I moved to the guest room and he confronted me with a letter.  In this letter, he wrote to all of my loved ones, stating that I was having an affair and his evidence was as follows:
Me being away
and pubic hair on my soap bar
It was mine and I had neatened up my area.
(not unusual for me, and I did have a gyno appointment coming up)
But that was his proof.

So he had addressed them to my family members and said that he would not mail them if I agreed to stay with him.
I said,  "Mail them."
and he did.  (I really wish I had a copy, it was something real crazy to read.  I burned it some years ago)
My parents came out to see that I was safe and went over to the house to gather the rest of my things.

I'm really glad I got out of there!
And I feel such a release typing this!


  1. You have surely endured lots. Hope you find good health and peace in your future. And keep up the work on the blogging. It will aide you in your journey.

  2. One other creepy thing. I've been told his current wife and I have the same birthday. Can I change mine?