Saturday, September 22, 2012

Answers from God?

Many people pray and wait for answers to come from God.  These are important prayers and answers affecting careers, and changes in our life that affect our families and loved ones.

I am not against organized religion, many people have it in there lives and it gives them comfort and structure.  
My rant has to do with one person in particular who will ask for "selective" guidance from Church and God and may be ignoring what messages to attempt to make a wrong, right.

You can wish that chapter of your life will disappear, and your damage will fade away.  But it won't.

A simple apology for a hateful act, admission of what was done was wrong.  And a concern for the medical condition that I continue to battle would suffice.

Perhaps at a weekly Bible study, or Church visit it may don on you that this would be the right thing to do?

I am sending my request (or prayer) to the Universe (or God) that this may occur.

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